Wooden table with Fire Bros. branded pre-rolls, cannabis flower and branded dad mat, lighter, and dab rig.

Welcome to FIRE BROS.

Seattle’s Original Cannabis and Concentrates
Fire Bros. is a Seattle-based producer processor that grows and cultivates the finest cannabis, vape, and concentrates in Washington State.

Our Products

Jar of Fire Bros. Lemon Slushee with a Cannabis bus leaning against it on a white background.

In a crowded market of pretenders to the title of best-of-the-best, Fire Bros has proven itself as a skilled and consistent source for top flower and concentrates. From the streets to the medical market to the top shelf of today, Firebros is a true Seattle original.

Our Process

Super close up photo of Grape Octane Cannabis Strain, showing the trichome and hairs and purple color.

Fire Bros was started by two Seattle natives, the pair have brought their deep background in laboratory testing for potency and contaminants to Firebros where they continue to use in-house analytical methods for phenotype selection and quality control.

Super close up of ManBearPig strain of cannabis flower. Shows Trichomes hairs and sugar leaf.,

From the Grams

We Got Swag

We have talented friends who design limited edition merchandise for us. We continue to add in new products so be sure to check out our shop for the latest.

Fire Bros. Embroidered Hat

Black face mask with Blue Fire Bros. Logo that resembles the thank you bags from C-Stores.

Thank You Fire Bros. Face Mask

Close up photo of enamel pin, inspired by the WA State Seal, it shows a cartoon General WA, with sunglasses on, with a smoking joint in his mouth.  Surrounded by text that says, "The Seal Of The State Of Elevation, Fire Bros.

WA Seal Fire Bros. Pin