FIRE BROS. Products


Vape Carts

We have an exciting lineup of strains and different cannabinoid profiles. Want a powerhouse 90% THC cartridge? How about a quick energy burst from Delta-8 THC? Or perhaps the soothing effects of CBD? We’ve got you covered on whatever you need.


Fire Bros. quality concentrated. All the flavor of your favorite flower in a potent little package. Drops are limited so don’t sleep on special releases.

1 Gram

Test the best. The one gram size is for sampling new flavors and the perfect size for the once-a-day crowd.

3.5 Grams

Eighths, the standard, the flagship. The original bag, now in classy jar form.

7 Grams

Why settle for lowers when you can have the whole damn top? Presented in a beautiful glass jar.

14 Grams

Stock up on essential smoke. For the serious smoker only.

28 Grams

The big boy buy. When you absolutely have to have the biggest, best jar of weed you can get, accept no substitutes.


All killer, no filler. Comes in biodegradable airtight tube. Made from small buds not trim. Highest quality pre-roll on the shelf.

Forté Joints

Forté means “Strong” in Portuguese. These supercharged joints are infused with premium oil or CBD for a powered up smoking experience.

Four Pack Joints

The multi-pack; stock up on your favorite. The sampler pack; sample the variety of life. Perfect for that long weekend.