Joseph Brooks x Fire Bros. Collab

When we went on the lookout for a DOPE artist to collab with, Joseph Brooks immediately came to mind. He is one of the hardest working artists in the Pacific Northwest. His vibrant and quirky characters are super relaxed and inclusive. His style and perspective really embody FUN+FIRE.

Joseph Brooks is a Pacific Northwest Fine Artist and Commercial Artist residing in Tacoma. He works in two dimensional paintings, murals, and sign work as well as three dimensional functional pottery and sculpture. He has lived and shown work in and around the Tacoma/Seattle area for the past 10+ years. His work is in the permanent collection of the Hyatt Regency Seattle, and many personal art collections around the world.

He has also displayed art with Applied Contemporary Gallery in Oakland, CA, Good Earth Pottery in Bellingham, WA, Axis Pioneer Square in Seattle, Ghost Gallery in Seattle and at various other coffee shops, music venues, makers markets and galleries.  He is excited about the future of clay in his personal work and loves doing signs and commercial work. 

“Working with Fire Bros was a dream! They provided just enough information and allowed me the space to be myself and make quality designs for a quality product.” – Joseph Brooks

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