Bored Ape Yacht Club x Fire Bros. x @HeavySugar

When our former business partner and lifelong OG Fire Bro, Ray aka @HeavySugar, first reached out to us with a pitch to use his Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT for a strain collaboration we thought he was bananas. But the Apes are going to the moon right now and it turned out we just pheno-hunted a brand-new strain that we knew was going to be a real winner and thought they’d work well paired up. So here’s your chance to own a piece of Cannabis and NFT history, presenting: THE CREPE APE!
Right-Click, Smoke As.

We wanted to do something new, something different, something cool, and most of all something fun. The celebrity NFT of choice, now featured on the discerning connoisseurs brand of choice.

“Exciting!” “Innovative!” “Groundbreaking!” “Unconventional!”
“Disruptive!” “Cutting-Edge!” Just a small sampling of quotes that maybe someone somewhere theoretically could have said about this project.

Real quotes from real people: 
Trimmer #7: “What’s an NFT again?”
Packager #2: “Cool!”
Terpene Transit Delivery Driver: “Huh.”
Ray: “I can’t find my keys?!” 

Stroll bravely into a brave new future with Fire Bros. and imagine a
world where weed doesn’t even need to be smoked: it exists solely on the blockchain.

Do we have Crepe Ape merch you’re probably right now asking yourself? Do we ever!

Can’t spell fungible without FUN, so get hyped for some hype, enjoy the artwork and let’s do some non-fungible tokin’.