About Us

Close up photo of Grape Octane Strain, showing purple coloration, trichomes, and hairs of a cannabis flower.


Our goal: “To cultivate, grow and deliver the finest cannabis in Washington State.”  Fire Bros. is an integrated urban cannabis farm and wholesaler. Growing, curing, processing and packaging happens right here in the city of Seattle. Our proprietary methods of curing preserve the best aromatic and psychoactive properties of the plant. By packaging each order as it comes in, with quick turnaround time and prompt delivery, we ensure a fresh, quality product every time. 

Close up of Cannabis Seeds on a white background.
Picture of Seedling Start of Cannabis Plant on a white background.


We grow the best cannabis by selecting the best phenotypes. The Fire Bros. process selects in-house phenotypes for every strain we bring to market. When you buy Fire Bros you can be sure that each strain is grown from seed and then selected for taste, psychoactive effects, aroma, and unique characteristics. We fill up our grow rooms with flavors that have proven themselves to be Fire Bros originals. No other farm has our genetics.


Fire Bros. was founded by a group of old friends all born and raised in the Seattle area.  Our mission is to provide the finest cannabis and concentrates in the state.  We are an owner-operated, indoor farm based in the heart of Western Washington.  Bringing years of experience and dedication to the art of cannabis growing since WA’s medical days, Fire Bros. is committed to earning a place on your top shelf.

Picture of Branded Fire Bros. Oz Jars, Grade A Cannabis Flower, and Label Lid.  Lemon Slushee.